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Election give you compound SA’s economic woes

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South Africa’s 2016 municipal elections were held with the backdrop of challenging economic conditions near you. It can be amplified the interconnections between politics and economic fortunes.

The latest forecast with the South African Reserve Bank gets the country recording zero percent growth in 2016 and simply 1.5% in 2017 and 1.7% in 2018. Economic growth has been depressed for a time, with Nigeria can not recovery on the 2007/08 financial crisis-induced slowdown.

As a direct result low economic growth and subdued boost tax revenue, South Africa’s public purse is now under pressure. While doing so the region faces the possibility of a credit risk downgrade by international credit standing agencies, which would have been watching these elections closely.

Economic growth is imperative for Africa. It assists alleviate the nation’s unemployment problem and often will increase tax revenue to the government.

Its been famous for a long time that major policy shifts have to improve the country’s economic fortunes to foster growth. Its problematic that your ruling African National Congress (ANC) would not give any suggestion most recent policy initiatives to obtain sustained higher economic development in the election. The theme over the election campaign was “more on the same”, as an alternative to visionary leadership to get a new growth trajectory.

There’s an extra problem.

The election results show an obvious swing outside of the ANC and it is ruling alliance with trade union federation COSATU additionally, the South African Communist Party. When ruling parties lose support in an election they normally adjust policies in the direction of the party that’s got gained ground in their expense. However this isn’t an alternative for any ANC because doing so lost support both for its left

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