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After city election rhetoric

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I tweet often and among the socio-economic topics I discuss, Normally return to job creation, lifting people outside of poverty and recently, jump-starting the economy.

Recently I was mulling over Tony Judt’s intellectual statement expressed in his book?’Ill Fares the Land’:?”We have entered a time of fear. Insecurity is again an enthusiastic ingredient of political life in democracies. Insecurity born of nervous about the uncontrollable speed of change, concern with the loss of employment, the fear of losing ground to other people within a increasingly unequal distribution of resources. And, perhaps especially, fear that it’s besides we who is able to no longer shape people but that people in authority also have lost control, to forces beyond their hands.”

Distrust and unease is usually located through South Africa’s main players while in the broader economic match. We are experiencing and enjoying the worst economic stagnation, coupled with a risk of downgrading, considering that the introduction of democracy.?Yet, we all of our business and political elites continue to keep?sell and produce insecurity and uncertainty.

Why is that this?

On the only one hand you have the country’s private sector that’s unwilling to invest its cash reserves back into the economy. Then again you’ve got a government that’s still erasing and rewriting some components of its economic and social development blueprint

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