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Iggle Piggle’s competition tiddle

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For people who do not have young children, Iggle Piggle is often a blue – an element that walks throughout the night garden, dancing and kissing uncle Upsy Daisy. In just one episode he finds a tiddle water sprinkling from the ground every time he plugs it along with his foot, another tiddle springs up some place else from the garden. So a complete Thirty minute episode goes, much on the unending amusement of my 18 month old. And me, I’ve got to admit.

But your competition Commission would not have been amused every time they received one request after another because of their investigation report as the surprising solution to them referring companies to the Competition Tribunal for adjudication. Latest research by the Commission made one among Group Five’s request for the investigation report if you take Group Five towards the Constitutional Court and asking the court to nullify its request. In this way, the Commission wishes to deter other companies trying to find hold of their internal documents as soon as possible in the Tribunal process

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