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Entrepreneurs should contemplate municipal vote

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CHICAGO C Politicians have to serve those who voted for these people and produce an environment which is supportive of growth, says Stephen Kelly, CEO of software company, Sage Group, who has called on South Africa’s local governments to improve this business environment for entrepreneurs inside their regions ahead of Wednesday’s municipal elections.

“Economic growth and development isn’t going to come from government expenditure or big business,” Kelly said.

“With using technology, plenty of time is basically now,” Kelly told South African journalists on the recent Sage Summit in Chicago, which combined many small business owners and entrepreneurs C most of who’re Sage partners C from across the globe.

“South Africa and Africa are really strategic to all of us,” Kelly said, highlighting the disruption possible regarding the using of technology over the continent, which helps it to “leapfrog” its developed market peers with no same costly infrastructure investment.

“One individuals fastest growing regions worldwide is Africa and we believe will continue true. We see tremendous likelihood of increase in the African economy,” said Kelly.

Sage’s success story has close ties to Nigeria. In 2003, Sage acquired then JSE-listed, Softline, which has been founded and owned at that time by Ivan Epstein. Softline developed Sage Pastel’s accounting and payroll solutions. Epstein is president of Sage International.??

According to Kelly, Sage is engaging with government, industry bodies and commerce chambers, in Nigeria and elsewhere, in an effort to improve support for entrepreneurs.

Anton van Heerden, MD of Sage in Southern Africa, states that while Epstein has tried engaging using the minister of small business, the firm hasn’t really received the responses that it was seeking. “Unfortunately many experts have slow,” he admits that, but adds that “the intention [from government] is there”.

The previous chief operating officer (COO) within the UK government, Kelly helped guide government spending towards smaller businesses. Truly, the UK government spent 40 billion per year on services, the fact that just one or two 2 billion attended small establishments, as outlined by Kelly.

This increased to in excess of 11 billion in only a few years C from 5% to 25% of total spend.

Also under Kelly’s watch, the Red Tape Challenge, helped abolish a lot more than 2 000 waste legislation.

Kelly is actually amongst numerous “business ambassadors” appointed via the UK government to permit UK businesses to consider benefit for opportunities locally and overseas.

The only individuals who can “fill the gap” left by disappointing politicians are company owners and entrepreneurs, Kelly said.

Choose wisely

In an argument issued on Monday, Van Heerden called on councillors and mayors, who definitely are taking new positions in city after Wednesday’s election, to have a seat at the table for small business.

“Local government comes with a range of mission-critical services to small businesses, from refuse collection to electricity distribution. Entrepreneurs need to be listening carefully to your promises and policies outlined with the candidates and parties standing for South Africa’s upcoming municipal elections,” he stressed.

Zoning regulations, building bylaws and also the capability of trying to get an investing licence are a few of the regulatory issues affecting business owners, that happen to be established by municipalities.

“We haven’t heard much from most political parties with what they may caused by produce the cities and towns they govern into better places to do business,” Van Heerden said.

“We think of this as being an oversight since municipalities that an excellent job of attracting and supporting small business owners can grow their ratepayer base and be an aid to create employment with regard to their residents,” he was quoted saying.

This journalist became a guest of Sage within the Summit.

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