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National Grid awards Humber pipeline project contract to Skanska, PORR including a.Hak JV Magazine

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National Grid has awarded the documents to be a partnership to Skanska, PORR Bau GmbH and also a.Hak to style and prepare a better questionable gas pipeline within a tunnel, underneath the River Humber from Paull to Goxhill, replacing the previous pipeline which lies on the riverbed.

The contract has long been let, controlled by planning consent to your replacement pipeline on the Planning Inspectorate, which happens to be due in September 2016.

Phil Croft, National Grid’s Senior Project Manager, said: “This pipeline will be the longest gas pipeline in a very tunnel, inserted in an string in the world. To accomplish this we require partners with experience and a established track record. Skanska, PORR as well as a.Hak made it possible to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge during the entire tender process, giving us the arrogance that was the ideal company to produce this tunnel and pipeline in these an environmentally sensitive and commercially busy river.”

The three year project is estimated to cost around 150 million, where the joint venture will offer full design and construction within the 5km tunnel underneath the river Humber, inserting 1 string of 42″ steel pipe and connect into the above ground installations (AGIs) at Paull and Goxhill.

Colin Nicol, Operations Director, Skanska, said: “The partnership was formed to generate this complex project, joining together international expertise to deliver in a innovative, sustainable and collaborative way. The job will protect the pipeline to the long-term helping National Grid to give a vital intend to lots of people.”

The River Humber pipeline belongs to the national transmission system C connecting the import terminal at Easington, about the East Yorkshire coast, towards the wider network and delivering gas to an incredible number of customers through the entire UK.

Over time, the tidal patterns within the River Humber have eroded the forest bed over the existing pipeline, resulting in elements of it going to chance exposure. A forward thinking short-term engineering strategy to protect the pipeline by covering exposed areas was implemented 2010. With the need for the pipeline, National Grid is looking to make a new pipeline in the tunnel underneath the River Humber from your above ground installations (AGIs) at Paull, east of Hull and south in the river at Goxhill, being a long-term replacement.

The pipeline will connect with the prevailing National Grid AGI sites at Paull and Goxhill and is 3.36 miles (5.4km) long, the fact that 3.18 miles (5km) is tunnelled. It’ll be 42″ (1050mm) across and may transport gas main in the pressure of 70barg.

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