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Tracking clients are rated 'outstanding' at the outset attempt Magazine

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Multi award-winning RAM Tracking has achieved an ‘Outstanding’ accreditation on the nationally recognised Investor in Customers.

The company, with over 4,000 customers all over the UK, could be the leading provider of intuitive GPS technology utilized to track vehicles to scale back costs and increase productivity for fleets. Right here is the newbie that RAM are already surveyed by way of the IIC and the company attained the 2 outside of three star ‘Outstanding’ rating. IIC completed a month-long assessment with the company’s customers, employees and management C appraising just how well the corporation performed across key criteria: understanding and meeting clients’ needs, delighting clients and creating loyalty.

In yesteryear a couple of years, RAM Tracking has invested over 1 million implementing new technology, systems and education for clients and employees C such as a huge investment in SalesForce to improve automation and enhance the customer journey and experience.

RAM Tracking CEO Chris McClellan said: “To achieve a superb rating the 1st time we’ve undertaken the IIC assessment is superb. We undertook the assessment within the west of constant transformation and improvement, while using the aim of benefiting from real ‘in the moment’ feedback on where we were able to improve our offering to customers. It was particularly encouraging to observe that people performed brilliantly across all within the IIC criteria; understanding customer needs, meeting those needs, delighting customers and engendering loyalty. We’re already about to tackle the constructive feedback and i also have no doubt that batch that we get we’ll get the ‘Exceptional’ three-star level.

Anita Pickering, Director at Smile Customer Experience Ltd, who conducted the assessment on behalf of the IIC, said: “It was obviously a pleasure to work alongside RAM Tracking. Almost every person on the management team was fully behind the assessment and exposed to the findings. The feedback was very positive, the genuine value of the IIC assessment derives from doing it where improvements are already specifically highlighted. RAM were clearly delighted together with the feedback and keen to get started working away at any customer experience elements that might be improved from the business C an awesome attitude to possess and also the reason why I’ve undoubtedly the organization will develop this success and perform better still batch that we get.”

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