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Just what does the EU Referendum outcome mean for Doncaster and business? Magazine

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In the wake of your EU Referendum outcome, Doncaster businesses just like all others vertical the country, are facing uncharted waters, because UK now embarks for a tactic to leave europe. The immediate priorities for business are market stability, political clarity, a clear exit process timeline and business as always.

“Throughout the referendum campaign the Chamber remained neutral, acknowledging they appreciate the public, opinion within this issue was deeply divided in between the business community.? Today’s result will therefore delight some Doncaster businesspeople whilst leaving others disappointed,” says Dan Fell, CEO, Doncaster Chamber.

“However, the British public have spoken and also the world of business will unite to call on Government, the Treasury and Bank of England to stabilise markets and to foster an environment of stability and confidence.? Businesses may also be reminding government for taking seriously the act of extricating Britain with the EU around the most effective terms, whilst also being sure that full attention emerges to key domestic issues including: skills, infrastructure investment and devolution.

“Locally, the Chamber C working together with local partners C will seek clarity from Government on what what this means is for Northern economies like Doncaster.? Doncaster has benefited significantly from European funding a lot C including investment in our borough’s infrastructure.? We now need certainty which the borough, under new governance and funding arrangements, won’t do as well as it’s in recent times C with regards to economic development funding C but that it’ll fair better.? That there was clearly a real split between London plus the North whenever it located voting patterns, should highlight the requirement for government to adopt this trouble very seriously and move beyond catch phrases for example the “Northern Powerhouse” to use the non-public sector to provide on wealth and jobs for all components of britain.

“That said, for the majority of Doncaster businesses, today can be really much business as always.? Today’s news provides short-term uncertainty; however, the Chamber remains positive that the latest economic growth we certainly have enjoyed in Doncaster will keep apace. Doncaster Chamber will continue to help with its members as normal and then for any firms facing challenges as the direct outcome or anyone with specific concerns for the EU Referendum should call us.”

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