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Credit growth slows to 4.95% y/y in March

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South Africa’s private sector credit demand growth slowed to 4.95% year-on-year in March from a revised 5.29% in February, central bank data showed on Friday.

Expansion within the broadly defined M3 measure of money supply fell to.62% at a revised 6.62%.

Nedbank has issued the examples below statement:?“Rise in credit demand is anticipated to be able to depressed in the following couple of months as both households and corporates have a wait to check out approach dependant upon the trajectory of the rand therefore to inflation and interest levels. The actual political environment will also can keep confidence low, which will not bode well for credit demand. However, for technical reasons within the remedy for African Bank’s loans, you will have single or two percentage point lift to credit using a year-on-year basis from April.”

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